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Open letter to Operation Grange from retired police officer.

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An Open Letter to Operation Grange
New post by Get'emGonçalo on 08.10.17 12:17
John Coxon, former Met Police, on Facebook

I wish to register a formal complaint in regard to Operation Grange , the so called Met Police search for Madeleine McCann.

I do so on the following grounds.

1/ It has blatantly and inexplicably failed to look at the parents and accompanying party as suspects in the investigation.

This is in complete disregard to the findings in the original Portuguese investigation.


A/ multiple and significant discrepancies in their accounts

B/ deletion of mobile phone data and obstruction of evidence

C/ multiple indications by forensic cadaver and blood dogs in their apartment on Kate McCann's clothing , the child's toy and on a vehicle they hired 3 weeks after her disappearance.Also a close DNA match found in the boot of the same vehicle.

D/ An eye witness account naming Gerry McCann as the so called prime suspect, Smith man.

E/ The McCanns refusal to cooperate , answer questions and take part in a reconstruction which shelved the original enquiry

F/ Allegations from two healthcare professionals that at least one of the party , doctor David Payne is a paedophile.

They were made suspects for all these perfectly valid reasons , it is apparent that Operation Grange has failed to address a single one of them. The Portuguese closing report does not exonerate them at all , I presume during the 5 years of its existence Grange was aware of these matters , yet has acted as if none of this ever happened.

More specifically , Met police chief Hogan Howe has on at least one occasion claimed the McCanns have been " ruled out" , firstly , this is at complete odds with Granges opening statement which claims " treat the abduction as if it happened yesterday" clearly implying they were totally off the table from the start , secondly it is simply impossible as there is no independent evidence that exonerates them and if there was the McCanns publicity machine would be screaming it from the roof tops.

2/ It is apparent lines of enquiry have been leaked to the media. If this were the case and a live child were being held captive , it would clearly endanger that individuals life, obviously a totally unacceptable situation. Furthermore these leaks have frequently coincided with an ongoing civil case the McCanns are fighting in Portugal , too frequently for comfort.

3/ This failure to investigate properly has boosted the McCanns public profile, helped promote KMs book sales and enabled them to take on further projects. Do you believe , for instance KM would have been made an ambassador for a charity had the Met asked her the same 48 questions she refused to answer in Portugal? I doubt it.

4/ Grange has wasted huge amounts of public money and police time chasing shadows in Portugal which its legal advisors must surely have told them were not viable lines of enquiry. In other words it has done a lot of work and spent a lot of money for the sake of doing it , no other credible reason.

The conclusions here are blatantly obvious.

Operation Grange is a whitewash - a vast PR exercise to promote an abduction scenario that not one shred of evidence exists to support ever even happened.

The implications are equally obvious .

A/ It obstructs the real police investigation going on
in Portugal

B/ It potentially supports a criminal fraud of huge proportions the McCanns ongoing business.

C/ It undermines the entire credibility of the whole Metropolitan Police Service ( as if it needed any further help)

D/ It threatens the credibility of the entire UK criminal justice system.
In summary Grange is simply corrupt , it has misappropriated huge amounts of public money , it potentially lets child murderers walk free, it is beyond a disgrace, it is worthy of extensive investigation in itself


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  8. Can you please tell me how to move this complaint forward to whom that matters because this case seriously needs to be looked at

  9. http://whatreallyhappenedtomadeleinemccann.blogspot.nl This is a good link.

    These are just a few links to be getting on with. Highly recommend the last link to Dr. Roberts' posts. The free e-book sets out the case very clearly and was written by a former police officer.