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This may all seem a bit boring, but there is an underlying pattern...

Thursday July 12th: Gerry flies to London to meet with the British police. At night he attends the National Police Federation Annual Bravery awards and receives a standing ovation.
(for what exactly isn't clear - the event was organized by The Sun newspaper.)

Friday 13th July: Gerry spends a large part of the day at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) to learn more about their role. (Possibly this was the occasion when he obtained  the books and manuals intended exclusively for police services and government agencies.)  see 1)

Saturday 14th July: Gerry, Kate and the twins as well as assorted family attend a baptism (see The third trip home post).

Monday 16th July: J.K. Rowling follows up her offer of a large reward by asking all retailers of her new book to display a new poster of Madeleine. (However: the Daily Telegraph on the 4th June reported: 'JK Rowling is considering putting bookmarks bearing the face of Madeleine McCann in copies of her final installment [..] Rowling has already publicly supported the campaign by contributing to a multi-million pound reward [..] Mr. McCann said: 'There has been some indirect contact with her. We are thinking about getting bookmarks with Madeleine's photographs and getting the author's agreement.'  (It's clear from the article that  there was no direct contact between the writer and the McCanns and that it is possible that J.K. Rowling  - six weeks later - asked for posters to be exhibited by the outlets - a step or two down from the millions of bookmarks envisaged and indeed promoted without apparently having consulted the author - a recurring theme in the tactics of Team McCann, but it is interesting that most celebrities only performed once. J.K. Rowling publicly denied her involvement in the writing of Kate's book. )

22nd to the 26th July: Gerry is in the USA, Kate does/doesn't have her dream and Gerry gets lost on the way home. (see: The Triangle and Kate's dream post)

Monday 30th July: Kate and Gerry have a 'routine meeting' with Portugese police.

Tuesday 31st July: The dogs arrive: INSPECTION.HTM

Wednesday 1st August: Gerry makes a trip to the airport to pick up their Campaign Manager. (The rarely mentioned Justine McGuinness) Family friend and film producer, Jon Corner arrives to film promotional material for the official website.

Thursday 2nd August: Gerry is laid low with a viral illness forcing them to cancel a planned trip to Huelva in Spain. 2) (After a swift recovery, they make an early start on the 3rd of August - see link).

Tuesday 7th August: Samples of trace evidence are sent to Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham for analysis.  

Thursday 16th August:  Timesonline reports : Traces of blood discovered in the bedroom [..] do not come from the missing girl, the Times has learnt.  The conclusion that the blood came from a man follows two weeks of reports that the traces proved that Madeleine had been killed  [..] Mr. Sousa confirmed that one of the dogs had found a scent indicating that a corpse had been in the apartment. '
(it's clear that there must have been leaks from various sources and  - always bearing in mind the relationship between the press and the McCanns (see other posts here) - not exactly correct in their assumptions.)

Monday 27th August:  Kate and Gerry manage an early evening run before spending some 10 minutes in the church to pray for Madeleine.

Tuesday 28th August: Kate and Gerry await the results of the forensics from the recent searches. (As there clearly were leaks previous to this date, it is likely that they already had some idea of what was found.)

Friday 31st August:  The McCanns launch a libel action against Porguguese newspaper Tal & Qual which claimed that the police believe they killed their daughter.  Gerry states in his blog that the legal expenses for the proceedings will not be paid for from the Madeleine Fund.

Saturday 1st September: Portuguese police receive 'significant'results from forensic tests carried out in Britain. Sources say a key piece of DNA was found in 'an area where it should not have been'.

Monday 3rd September:  Gerry is contacted by Portuguese police and told that both he and Kate will be required for further questioning.

Wednesday 5th September: Gerry writes in his blog that he is 'surprised to find increased media presence in Praia da Luz again today..' At lunchtime Kate and Gerry go for a run along the coast.

Thursday 6th September:Sunday Mirror - Madeleine: DNA is found .........

(More to follow after September 6th 2016  - and many thanks to for all the information so easily available there. )


1) Books found in the villa during the search by PJ:
'The Interpretation of Murder' On Amazon one reviewer 'writes:  the unnecessarily detailed descriptions of the sadistic sexual assaults, described in prolonged lip-smacking detail. (interesting that the book deals with a visit of Freud and Jung to New York and it is possible in my opinion  that the book was a gift from Clement Freud, who may have been in PdL at the time. It is a highly unlikely choice of reading for someone who has told the world his four-year old daughter has been abducted by a paedophile or paedophile gang.
- and from: The Truth of the Lie by Goncalo Amaral - Chapter 17:   In the McCanns Bedroom..

In contrast, in the part of the room occupied by Gerald, the walls are bare, cold, no photos of his daughter. It’s here that he administers the Madeleine Fund, organises his very busy agenda and writes his blog. His current reading material – The Interpretation of Murder, by Jed Rubenfeld, Spirit Messenger, by Gordon Smith, It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life, by Lance Armstrong, – leaves nothing at all to the imagination about the drama the family is living through. With amazement the police officers discover a series of books and manuals exclusively intended for police services and government agencies.

Missing and Abducted Children: A Law-Enforcement Guide to Case Investigation and Program Management, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Training Courses, (CEOP Serious Organised Crime Agency – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

Making Every Child Matter…Everywhere, CEOP (Serious Organised Crime Agency – Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).
Mark Harrison himself wonders how Gerald McCann could have obtained these books.

2)  See:

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Millions of words have been written about photoshopped imaged of Madeleine McCann, but here we leave photoshopping aside. This post will be about simple questions arising from the photographs released.  The description given to the police is of interest here for purposes of comparing appearances against information given to the Police.  1)

The ‘First’ photo:


How could a photo of a child around 2 to 2.5 years old help find the girl represented in the tennis photo or the iconic  ‘Red dress’ photo? They appear to be two totally different children, neither of them recent when there should have been dozens of photos just from the holiday. 
This photo was allegedly on the Canon A620 camera the evening of the 3rd of May 2007. However, this camera was not released  until October 2005, the first review of the new camera appeared in November 2005 and most reviews were in early 2006. By October 2005 Madeleine was very nearly 2.5 years old. Therefore – if the first photo was ever taken with the Canon A620, it should have been pretty well the first one on it, many other snaps, including the ‘tennis’ photo would have come first when going through the memory card.

Parents tend to carry favourite photos of their children in their wallets (and indeed Gerry McCann was most upset at losing some special photographs of Madeleine when his wallet was ‘stolen’).  Saving favourite photos on phones is even more common now, but leaving one on the memory card of one’s camera is not helpful if you want to have a look at the image from time to time.

Notes: Madeleine aged at most two years and six months. Hair colour: light brown.

The ‘tennis photo’ :

Pat Perkins, a friend of Kate McCann’s mother,  was responsible for instigating the first chain e-mail that asked for help to find Madeleine. The e-mail, which clearly stated that Madeleine had been abducted, was first sent out on Monday 07 May 2007.

For some reason the photograph was released after it was ‘flipped’.  That is:  the description given to the police mentions ‘a small brown mark on Left Leg Calf’.  When Madeleine faces towards the left,  the mark is on the left leg.

However, this ‘important’ photo  was taken on the 1st of May according to Kate McCann, Rachael Mampilly states it was taken on the 3rd of May and not by Kate but by Jane Tanner. This is from the book ‘madeleine’by Kate McCann:

 ‘She looked so gorgeous in her little T-shirt and shorts, pink hat, ankle socks and new holiday sandals that I ran back to our apartment for my camera. ‘  [..] I went to meet Gerry, whose lesson had started at ten-fifteen ‘ [.]  ‘During Gerry’s tennis lesson, Madeleine and Ella came to the adjoining court with their Mini Club for a mini-tennis session [..] One of my photographs is known around the world now: a smiling Madeleine clutching armfuls of tennis balls. ‘


The Lobster schedule of events for that morning was: Happy handprint stars (none of the artwork produced in the crèche was ever exhibited by the McCanns), Pool, Salt dough rockets.  Mini tennis was between 10 – 11 on Monday the 30th of April.

The tennis court booking sheet for Tuesday the 1st gives us some information but Gerry McCann does not appear on the list until 3.30 to 4.30 for Court 2.  So as for Gerry’s tennis lesson starting at ten, or indeed once again that very precise time: 10.15, there is no corroboration.

The girl in the tennis photo is most definitely not a mere 90 cm in height. Allowing for the angle and taking into account that the diameter of a tennis ball is about 6.35 cm, her height can be calculated as the tennis balls are in the same plane as her body. She would then be a normal height for a 4 year old, 110 cm to 114 cm.

As for the detailed description of her clothes, these are hardly of the quality and ‘newness’ of the ‘last photo’ outfit and the sandals certainly don’t look new, apart from being entirely the wrong shoes for tennis. One would expect  her to have worn trainers such as can be seen in the photograph below.

Another guest, Bridget O’Donnell wrote: It was Thursday, May 3.Earlier that day there had been tennis lessons for the children, with some of the parents watching proudly as their girls ran across the court chasing tennis balls. They took photos. Madeleine must have been there, but I couldn't distinguish her from the others. They all looked the same - all blonde, all pink and pretty. 2)

Notes: Madeleine’s uneven teeth are clear to see, the photo has been flipped, was used in chain mail letter and date and time of taking the photo is unclear. Hair is longer than in either the first photo and the red dress photo, colour light brown.

The playground photo:

If any photograph should have been favourite, I would have expected it  to be the happy and relaxed little girl  in the playground. This is one of the photos from the CD compiled by Gerry McCann and David Payne and handed to the PJ on the 9th of May 2007.
Here she is wearing an outfit similar to that seen in the video taken in the airport bus. She is also wearing very nice little trainers, which were described by the cleaner who thinks she saw the twins and Madeleine on Sunday morning. All were wearing trainers with little lights on the side. In the many photographs of the twins in the early days, no such trainers can be seen, indeed, have never been seen. Sean does wear trainers in some photos, but not the ones described by the clear. Neither is Madeleine wearing them on the tennis court. 

Notes: This girl is approximately  100 cm in length and could be anything from 3 to 4 years old, although on the short side for  4 years. Her height was estimated by the known height of the plastic playhouse door in other photos taken at the time. 
Her teeth do not appear to have any gaps and  her hair deserves some attention as she is clearly growing out last summer’s lightened hair,  but the last five/six month’s growth is darker, which makes it about right for the time of year. No doubt this would lighten in the sun during the coming summer.

But the description as given to the PJ at the time of disappearance states: ‘Blond hair with chestnut tips touching the shoulders.’

The  football shirt photos:

These are very strange.  One of these girls is definitely Madeleine,  the other girl has quite a different smile, a broader face and her hair is very blond. It is almost inevitable that one is reminded of the iconic and tragic last photo of the two Soham girls of 2002. Just five years before Madeleine disappeared. Was it the intention to have one photograph of two girls in Everton shirts together?  Could it possibly be the case that it was thought too obvious?  It could explain why both photos were released, it makes no sense however to release both and may well have been an accident.

The blonde girl seems very confident and relaxed,  Madeleine doesn’t look at all confident. An unnatural smile not showing her teeth. ( Compare to pool photo, tennis photo). The adult gesture of touching her hair, mainly seen in women aware of their appearance, but not a natural gesture for a child. Both faces could be pasted on bodies of teenagers and it would not make them look strange. Neither of the two look like four year olds in my opinion, but this is due to the impression of make-up on one child - the blonde girl looks like she's wearing eye make-up and lipstick and the one (in my opinion definitely photo-shopped, blurring on left cheek, head positioned slightly too far to the left)  image of Maddie has the adult gesture and somewhat sad smile.

Notes:  It may not be relevant, but Clarence Mitchell had reported on the Soham murders and told the press at one stage that he’d thought at the start that  the Madeleine case would be much the same as the Soham tragedy.  It would be relevant if the Everton photos emerged after Mitchell became their spokesman. 

Photo’s taken in a playground: 3)

These were released by the family and are somewhat of a puzzle. I seems to me:

  1. That Madeleine is about three years old there.
  2. That she is or has been ill.

Notes: There is something wrong with her hair, both photographs can only be explained  if she was wearing a wig at the time. These are my observations only, but I wanted to add my opinion here. In the close up, tufts of hair and a bald area can clearly be seen. In the black and white photo a badly fitting wig would explain the strange shape of the head.

The following clips illustrate the difference of the teeth: 

 This photograph is one of several listed as being of Madeleine. This girl's teeth have no gaps and are very different from those seen in e.g. the last photo.

Following on from the Everton/Soham photo 'link', it is of interest to note that the first website was called: ‘’.  Very reminiscent of the well-known song from ‘Les Miserables’ of which the lyrics ran:

He is young
He's afraid
Let him rest
Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home.

Leaving no stone unturned: from 3)

11th May 2007: Extract from Diario de Noticias:
Gerry McCann reads a short prepared statement to the waiting press [..] He specifically emphasises that they will 'leave no stone unturned' in the seaarch for Madeleine. [..] It would appear from this statement that the name of the company had already been decided and that this was a form of public preparation for the launch of Madeleine's Fund. 

The lawyers who arrived on the 11th of May issued the following media release: 
13th May 2007 : Last week, Gerry and Kate McCann instructed The International Family Law Group, London specialist lawyers in child abduction and international family law, together with Michael Nicholls QC of 1 Hare Court, to help them in the search for Madeleine. They have been visiting the family in Portugal.
Gerry and Kate are very grateful for all the support and generous offers of help that they are receiving. Details of how contributions can be made to help get Madeleine back to the safety of her own family will be made available in the next couple of days. unquote
For further information on IFLG: see 5)

Soon after this announcement, the Fund was launched, four websites (two for Cuddlecat) 
The Madeleine Fund - Leaving no stone unturned - www.

New website enables donations to be made online

The newly named website is officially announced, when visitors to the site are met by the following message:

'From this morning, Thursday 17 May 2007:
Members of the public will be able to make donations to 'Madeleine's Fund : Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited' over the counter in any branch of NatWest and The Royal Bank of Scotland'.

McCann family friend, Michael Wright, reads a prepared statement outside the couple's apartment on the 18th of May 2007:

So we have: 
First photo of a toddler which will not help identification at all. 
Tennis photo  taken on the 1st or the 3rd,- published wrong way round. 
In the playhouse photo taken on the 29th April, the girl is wearing the trainers which Maddie should have been wearing on the 1st or the 3rd to play tennis. 

The description of her hair as blond having chestnut tips down to the shoulder is  more of less the case with the red dress photo, but not the tennis photo or the pool photo (which I have studiously avoided in this post..) .However, hair tends to colour naturally the other way round, Bleached in summer, darker in winter, this rarely results in chestnut tips. 
The point is that this description was given on the night to the GNR officer and none of the photos, the tennis, pool or playground photo show anything like this hair colouring. 
What is also strange that only the small mark on her leg is mentioned as an individual marking.
The colour of the eyes and the brown spot (there is indeed a tiny brown spot in the iris, as can been seen in photographs published here in 'The logic gates') but no mention of a veritable thunderbolt in her eye which was THE identifiable feature of her face.
What's more, her different colour eyes are all but undetectable. 

It would have been helpful to find exactly what the description in the passport is, but this is not at all clear from the files. As the GNR had Maddie's passport however, any description given by the parents would have to be close to that given in the passport. Therefore we have the small spot in the eye, the different coloured eyes and the mark on the leg. But to give her height on the night s as 90 cm, is off the chart for a four-year old and  she is clearly much taller in the tennis photo. Obviously the 90cm cannot have come from the passport as that was issued a mere three months after Maddie was born. 

As Bridget O'Donnell wrote: Madeleine must have been there, but I couldn't distinguish her from the others,  they looked all the same....'.

1)Processos Vol 1 Pages 27 to 28. GNR Brigade n 3 Portimao

NUIPC 201/07 galgs report of disappearance

Responsible officer: Jos.Mar.Batista Roque

Disappeared person: Name: Madeleine Beth McCann

Feminine sex, white. Date of birth: 12-0502003

Height about 0.90 mt.

Colour of eyes, blue left eye, greenish right eye with brown spot.

Blond hair with chestnut tips touching the shoulders

Individual markings: small chestnut birthmark on left leg.

2) (also mentioned in the article:  In the evenings, babysitting at the resort was a dilemma. "Sit-in" babysitters were available but were expensive and in demand, and Mark Warner blurb advised us to book well in advance. The other option was the babysitting service at the kiddie club, which was a 10-minute walk from the apartment.’