Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Acknowledgements and replies were received from both companies after the Easter break:

Haysmacintyre explained that 'Client Confidentiality' prevented their making any further comment.

Bates Wells Braithwaite added that the remarks by Julian PeribaƱez were defamatory of Francisco Marco, which is undoubtedly correct if those allegations are untrue.

They also helpfully suggested that the matter should be referred to the regulatory and disciplinary authorities.


Further update: copied from Twitter:   (apologies for the quality of the copy). 

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OPEN LETTER TO Bates Wells Braithwaite AND TO  HaysMacIntyre

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  1. BWB & HM both understanding that the initial promises of openness and transparency were negated in the incorporation of the limited company and that the 6 codes of governance promised and broken on each count by the directors were as pointless as measuring snowfall with a thermometer. It's hard to understand why two such reputable companies associated themselves with such a shady operation.