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The Triangle: 
According to the phone ping lists (1) on the 19th July, one day before Mark Harrison (the national search advisor of the NPIA, who organised the search by the world renowned sniffer dogs Eddie and Keela with their handler Martin Grimes) reached Portugal,  the McCanns start to visit a triangle between Budens, Raposeira and Sagres. This activity stopped on the 2nd August,  the day of the dog searches in their villa and one day prior to their visit to Huelva. These visits gain even more importance from the fact that Gerry drives to this area on the day he returns from Washington on the 26th July on his way straight from the airport.  Apart from one family outing in June they had never before visited that area and did not visit it after this cluster on 19th, 26th, 27th, 28th July, 1st, 2nd August.
It is interesting that neither Gerry's blog nor Kate's diary/book nor media reports cover these visits which all took place in the late afternoon/early evening except for the 1st August when they returned to Praia da Luz after 22:00.

26-07-2007:  Gerald Patrick McCann’s mobile triggers the following attenae:
16.42  Faro Aeroporto
17.31  Pedra de Agua
17.32  Bolqueime
19.05  Vila do Bispo
19.10  Budens 
19.49  Praia da Luz Centro

Between Budens and PdL there are about 25 minutes unaccounted for after travelling time between the two locations is subtracted. 
The  25 minute delay is  probably because he was on the phone to Jon Corner for 24 minutes from 19.10. (see comments)


Kate’s dream:
From ‘madeleine’ chapter 13 The Tide Turns:
(Danie Krugel’s team and his ‘matter orientation machine’ had arrived on the 15th and on the 18th there was a meeting with the PJ and the McCanns)(2)
Danie Krugel, [..] had produced a report for the PJ based on his findings. His machine had recorded a static signal from an area around the beach, close to or on the Rocha Negra cliff. [..] the implication of the ‘static signal’ was that Madeleine was most likely to be dead and buried there.’ unquote
chapter 14:  Warning Sirens
If 18 July was the date I now identify as a turning point, the following Monday, 23 July was the day when the warning sirens should have started to sound. [..]
That evening I phoned  Ricardo Paiva to ask for his help with a couple of letters I needed to have translated. [..] I distinctly remember him saying, ‘Our investigation will be changing direction.’  Danie Krugel’s report had given them a bit of a jolt he told me.  unquote
It seems that Kate  had form in contacting Ricardo Paiva late at night: (Gerry isn’t mentioned in this post yet he did not leave for the UK until the 19th): 

SUNDAY, JUNE 17: On Sky News tonight they suddenly said the Portuguese police had stated that the crime scene had been contaminated' because of us' and that fundamental evidence had been lost. How dare they insinuate that our daughter's life could be put in danger because of us. Very angry. Very upset.
I want to speak to someone now, but it's too late.
I changed my mind and I sent a text message to Ricardo (Portuguese police family liaison officer). I don't know if was a sensible idea but I feel really annoyed.   [..]I fell asleep after 1am. unquote
Gerry and the dream: (3)

12th January 2010:
During the McCanns attempt to have Amaral's book banned Ricardo Paiva gave evidence of a telephone call made by Kate, while Gerry was absent.   He said that Mrs McCann told him in a tearful telephone conversation in late July 2007 that she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that police should search for her there.  

13th January 2010
An extremely angry Gerry McCann, leaving the Court, and not accompanied by his wife Kate McCann (who left later) had this to say to waiting reporters:
GM: I would like to make absolutely clear that Kate has never had a dream, that Madeleine was buried somewhere. And, I don't know if something has been lost in interpretation, but that didn't happen. 
See Dr. Robert's analysis in the comments: Paiva never used the word 'buried'.
This episode is full of interesting facts. 
28/6 The McCanns asked for Dannie Krugel.  They obtained hairs from Madeleine, including eyelash hairs - eyelashes don’t shed hairs that much and why could  these not have been given to the PJ when they asked for DNA?  Would at the time not give full spectrum but certainly useful for the investigation. 
18/7 Dannie Krugel gives in his report and states that Maddie is somewhere near  a cliff called Rocha Negra. 
20/7 Mark Harrison, the National Search Advisor of the NPIA was on his way to Portugal to assist the PJ with the planned search by the CSI dogs. 
22/7 Gerry leaves for USA. 
23/7 Kate phones Paiva about her dream that Maddie is on a cliff. 
26/7 Gerry returns but appears to have some urgent business in the triangle area before he returns to Praia da Luz. 
In Chapter 14 of ‘madeleine’, Kate tells us she phoned Paiva  on the 23rd about a letter she needed to be translated. This allows for a ‘misunderstanding’  and leaves the phonecall  in place. Very useful, in case there was a record of such a call from Kate to Paiva that evening/night. Making the subject translation allows for the content of the call to have been misunderstood by Paiva. Very neat.  Here is the exact wording: 
That evening I phoned Ricardo Paiva to ask for his help with a couple of letters I needed to have translated. He sounded strange, distant; certainly not his usual self.
It is quite possible that Kate never told Gerry about the phone call to Paiva. 
Overall, it looks as if  things were unravelling in July. Having asked for Krugel to come over  as early as late June - with a ridiculous story about his machine and their desperate wish to believe him which doesn’t ring true - Kate says they (she and Gerry) are scientists but were willing to believe Krugel. 
That Danie Krugel’s report had given the PJ a jolt is hard to believe. They already knew, having checked with a UK university for good measure, that it was a snake oil contraption so to speak. Possibly it makes the McCanns look better to give the impression that  the PJ were also on board with Krugel. 
The PJ were busy with Mark Harrison however and with the CSI dogs, about which the book is fairly silent in July and early August. They don’t make an appearance until Chapters 14 and 15. 
Outside the Lisbon Court on the 13th of January 2010  Gerry also said : 
Gerry McCann: The most important thing yesterday was what the prosecutor said, there's absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead. unquote

A report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation
10 September 2007
(Processo: VOL ,X, p. 2587-2602)

Despite everything, until a certain time in the investigation the family sustained the thesis of kidnapping. However, in a date that cannot be precise it was suggested to the family that they should consult a person that could, eventually, indicate the probable place where the cadaver of little Madeleine could be found.

This fact became inexplicable to the elements of the investigation once it were the members of the family that raised the hypothesis of death of little Maddie.

Nevertheless, before the Media they kept (and keep) declaring their hope on finding their daughter alive
: the first time that the hypothesis of the death of the little girl was raised it was, effectively, suggested by the McCann.

- and that appears to be exactly where we are eight years later.  

(1) The triangle shows up in the phone records on page 57:

(2) From ‘madeleine’: Chapter 12:   [..]on 28 June, we tentatively raised the possibility of bringing in Danie Krugel, a South African ex-police officer who claimed to have combined DNA and satellite tracking technology to develop a device that could be used to locate missing persons.
[..]  We were told all we needed to do was to provide samples of Madeleine’s DNA. [..] We even managed to turn a blind eye to the fact that Danie’s ‘matter orientation system’ hadn’t been formally tested by any independent and trustworthy authority. Danie sounded like a nice person (family man, ‘fellow Christian’), and indeed he was. So, in the second week of June, we had confided in Auntie Janet and our friend Amanda back in Leicestershire and got them to go round to our house looking for hairs that could only be Madeleine’s. They came up with five head hairs from the inside
of a coat hood and a couple of eyelashes from her pillow and couriered the lot off to Danie in South Africa. A week or so afterwards, Danie informed us that he had obtained ‘signals’ relating to Praia da Luz, but that he would need to come over in July and operate the machine in the Algarve to produce more accurate results and pinpoint Madeleine’s location. So here we were now, discussing all this with Luís Neves and Guilhermino Encarnação. Somewhat to our surprise, they seemed quite amenable to giving it a go and agreed to smooth Danie’s transfer through the airport (he had certain
requirements to ensure the safety of his MOS machine) in a couple of weeks’ time.
We flew back to Portugal early on the morning of Sunday 15 July – the day Danie Krugel, his team and his ‘matter orientation system’ arrived in Praia da Luz. He gave us some fairly vague information about the procedure and reaffirmed his machine’s 80 per cent success rate. He wouldn’t let us see any of the equipment because of the necessity to ‘protect his trade secrets’
while he awaited a patent.
Chapter 13:
Danie Krugel, on whom we had, irrationally, hung so much hope, had produced a report for the PJ based on his findings. His machine had recorded a ‘static signal’ from an area around the beach, close to or on the Rocha Negra cliff. Although this included villas, apartments and other buildings, the implication of the ‘static signal’ was that Madeleine was most likely to be dead and buried there.  unquote

(3) Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who acted as a liaison between the McCanns and Portuguese detectives in the days following their daughter’s disappearance, said the dream was a "turning point" in the investigation.
He said that Mrs McCann told him in a tearful telephone conversation in late July 2007 that she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that police should search for her there.
The claims came as Kate and Gerry McCann appeared in court to hear evidence on the first day of a hearing to challenge the publication of a book written by Algarve detective Goncalo Amaral.
Insp Paiva told the hearing in Lisbon: “Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying.
She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.”

“She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”
The senior detective said the land was searched but nothing was found. “That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death.”
He admitted that the police had been suspicious of the McCanns from the start of the investigation.
Insp Paiva added: “They disobeyed our request to keep quiet about the details of their daughter’s disappearance while we conducted our investigation. Instead they turned it into a media circus and that gave rise to some suspicions.”  unquote


  1. What's interesting about 26th is Gerry only arrived back from Washington around 16.30. You'd expect him to be wiped out after his transatlantic flight. Assuming he arrived back to PDL between 17.30 and 18.00 it's hard to understand what was so important in Villa Do Bispo where he was at 19.05. IMO the 25 minute delay is because he was on the phone to Jon Corner for 24 minutes from 19.10.

  2. That's interesting - I'll add that to the tekst. Thanks.

  3. This observation is from Dr. Roberts ( 2010:

    As reported direct from Lisbon the following day (5.04 p.m.):

    'He (GM) also rejected the testimony yesterday that Kate had a dream about Madeleine lying buried somewhere, saying "that never happened..."

    Now he would know of course, having not been present when the all-important 'phone call was made.

    Subsequent press reports express it thus: "I'd like to make it absolutely clear that Kate has never had a dream that Maddie has been buried somewhere, and I don't know if something's been lost in interpretation, but that didn't happen – not with those words, that's for sure."

    So it did happen, except that burial was not mentioned. Indeed not. Inspector Paiva's evidence referred to a description of Madeleine lying on a hill not in one. The latter scenario is a figment of Gerry's own imagination therefore. Now I wonder where he might have got the idea from?