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The First Photo - part 5 timelines

21.55 pm The Smith Family, (4 adults and 5 children) are returning from 'Kelly's Bar', heading north, all spread out along the street and they pass a man walking down the middle of the street, carrying a child.

21.30 - 22.00
When the alarm is given, at an unknown hour, which for the investigation is somewhere between 21.30 and 22h00, based on the employee statements from the Tapas bar, as well as other tourists, all the group ran to the apartment as if a medical emergency had occurred, except for Dianne Webster who stayed at the table for a few minutes. (1)

21.55  Russell O’Brien returns to the restaurant. 

22.00 Alarm  - official alarm according to TM
Kate enters at 22h00. Sees open window, raised blinds and curtains in strong breeze.

22.05  Dianne Webster goes into Maddie's room. The twins are sleeping.

22.11 A police source claims: "Someone within the McCann circle phoned from the Ocean Club the night of the crime to Sky News' representative in the Algarve. The call took place at 22.11. We were warned of the disappearance at 22.40". (No link - but see 2)

22.15 They asked one of their friends in the group to go down to the main reception, which is manned 24 hours, and call the police. The call was made at 10.14 pm or 10.15 pm, according to the McCanns.' (Timesonline 09 September 2007) (3)

22.15 Dianne Webster goes back to collect her camera - is spoken to by tennis coach.

22.17 Emma Knight has a call from Lindsey Johnson informing her of disappearance.

22.33  and Lindsey Johnson near the Tapas Bar and then initiated the MW procedures for the search of a missing child. (4)

22.28  John Hill is alerted by mobile.

22.33  John Hill arrives at OC and helps with MW missing child procedure.

22.41 pm - First call to GNR Lagos precinct (Guarda Nacional Republicana, rural police); The first call to Police Precinct of GNR (Portuguese Rural Police) in Lagos, a patrol was sent, arriving at Ocean Club 12/15 minutes later, according to Lieutenant-Colonel Costa Cabral, Head of Public Relations of GNR. 

22.52 Second call to GNR

22.30  - 23.00 Silvia Battista alerted arrives a few minutes before first GNR officers. 
She was at home and was informed of what happened by telephone. She went immediately to the Ocean Club where she arrived a few minutes before the GNR officers arrived there. When she  arrived at the resort she went immediately to apartment 5A where she found several people as much/many inside the apartment as outside it. Still she entered the apartment but left straight away  without having spoken with anyone who was there, since at the same time she was told that GNR  officers were at the main reception and she went to find them.
When she arrived at the officer's location she saw that behind them was Gerry, Madeleine's father, with another person but she does not remember who it was. 

23.00 - Arrival of two GNR officers Roque and Da Costa.
23.14 Gerry calls Kate (8 secs)
23.17 Gerry calls Kate (31 secs) this call is left on her phone whereas it is deleted from Gerry's. These could be calls from the reception to tell Kate they were coming back with the GNR.
This appears to be the best point to use for further analysis. At this point we have the arrival of two officers,  the timing fits: 12 to 15 minutes after the first call to Lagos makes their arrival at the latest (if going by the 22.52 call 23.07)  but probably earlier. Silvia B is called to reception, having arrived at 5a between 23.00 and 23.05. She goes to the reception area where she sees Gerry and another man behind the officers. 
SB  then accompanies Gerry to the GNR vehicle next to the 5A apartment. 
Once inside the apartment she asked those  present for the passports of all members of their family as well as photographs of the missing girl. She then accompanies Gerry to the GNR vehicle in order to deliver the requested documents.  See her testimony in part four re the photographs.  Bracketing these actions in a time frame of no more than 30 minutes makes the very latest that the documents and photos are handed to the first officers on the scene 23.37
23.15/23.20 GNR patrol calls CID in Portimão, reporting a possible kidnapping.
Both Gerry and Kate take time to delete all calls from their mobiles. the 23.17 on Kate’s phone is left, probably by accident. 

23.15 - 24.00 Russell O’Brien gives photographs to the GNR. (‘Well before the PJ arrived)

23.25 - 23.50  Sgt. (Commander of the group) Duarte arrives 

00.30 - 00.40 PJ Officer V. M. M. arrived on the scene with Deputy Specialist J.B.

00.30 Timelines written on the sticker book covers are taken by the PJ. 
From the Rogatory of ROB: 'But anyway Dave Payne said to, errm... there were two members of the PJ had arrived [..] I recall 'baby face', or his colleague, saying 'No media', and, you know... and that was full-stop and then turning round to me writing the timeline and saying 'That's what we want', fair enough. Errm... huh, and that's really it.

0.29.37  Angela Morado at UK Consulate calls Gerry (4.53 minutes) (someone else must have alerted the Consulate - no direct calls from Gerry to Morado before this). 
Timeline PJ enquiry into printing of photographs: 

25th June 2007 GNR hand over four photographs to GA, two of each pose. 
26th July 2007 Silvia Batista gives a statement concerning photographs
27th July Photos are sent for scientific analyses
16th August 2007 -  external diligence -the photopaper in question found to be unavailable in four local establishments. 
2nd October 2007 external inquiry report, John Hill interviewed. 
10th April 2008 Russell O’Brien rogatory
17th April 2008 Amy Tierney rogatory (in PdL) 


1) Goncalo Amaral: ‘The Truth of the Lie’.

2)  Chapter 6: from ‘madeleine’ by Kate McCann. 
Around 8am, I started to receive text messages and calls from friends back in the UK who were seeing and hearing news. [..]By this time our friend Jon Corner, a creative director in media production in Liverpool, was circulating photographs and video footage of Madeleine to the police, Interpol and broadcasting and newspaper news desks. This was in accordance with the standard advice of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the US.’ Some 25 communications with JC by Kate during the night.

3) Timesonline, May 6: John Hill, the Ocean Club manager, said the alarm was raised by the family between 10pm and 10.15pm: "The staff, many guests and the best part of the village started looking right away, a total of 40 to 65 people. The police were called and started taking details from the family and then took the decision to escalate the search."

4)  The procedure involved the distribution of leaflets that had already been prepared, with the names of the locations, for the members of staff, indicating the zones that they should search. Once the location indicated had been searched the leaflet was returned and another one with a different location was handed over. This procedure was followed by the members of staff, but on that night about 6 residents from the complex were also involved in the search. (Statement of Emma Louise Knight, 30/4/2008) 

5)  Timelines written on the sticker book covers are taken by the PJ. Writing these must have taken some time so let’s presume that ROB was in 5a for some time  before this whilst writing these, it’s unlikely that all those listed on the timeline were there to give the details listed and even more unlikely that ROB knew by heart where everybody was that evening. So it must have taken a while to put them together. Especially as the first timeline had MO added to the list. 
Terms of seizure:
At this time, it is considered of interest to the investigation to attach to the present deed, two covers of a child's book, on the inside covers of which is a schedule for supervision, hand-written by one of the McCann couple's group of friends and participant in this deed by name of Russell O'Brien.

From the Rogatory of ROB: 'But anyway Dave Payne said to, errm... there were two members of the PJ had arrived [..] I recall 'baby face', or his colleague, saying 'No media', and, you know... and that was full-stop and then turning round to me writing the timeline and saying 'That's what we want', fair enough. Errm... huh, and that's really it.

01 Processos Vol I Pages 27 to 28
From the GNR
Brigade n 3



Responsible Officer: Jos.Mar. Batista Roque

Disappeared Person

Name: Madeleine Beth McCann
Feminine sex, white. Date of birth: 12-05-2003

Height about 0.90 mt. 
Colour of eyes, blue left eye, greenish right eye with brown spot.
Blond hair with chestnut tips touching the shoulders.

Individual markings: small chestnut birthmark on left leg.

Date of disappearance: 03-05-2007 between 21.30 and 22.00.

This is the very earliest description of MBM by one of the two first GNR officers on the scene. 
Why is the coloboma not under ‘individual markings? 
Why is the very small mark on her leg visible in the tennis photo listed as such? 
Why  is it ‘blond hair with chestnut tips’  ?The blonde hair would be growing out in the winter, darker hair on top. Which can be seen very clearly in the playhouse photo, allegedly of Maddie. 
Why is the iconic red dress photo that of a girl with light brown hair? 
Why is her height given as 90 cm whilst it is clear in e.g. the tennis photo that she was of normal height for her age of nearly four? The given height is off the chart for that age. 

7) There is the question of why there are four passports on the table, that might mean that only MBM’s passport was retained and passed from the officers to their commander as Cdr. Duarte says clearly in his statement that he does not know who handed him the photos.
However, J.M.B. Roque must have been in the car with his commander at the time. (see 17/10 statement below) as they drove all round the resort and J.M.B. Roque then left at 02.30. 
Sgt. Duarte received a number of photos( at least 5) of which  one - probably the one in Part I here went to the tribunal. Four  other photographs given to the GNR officers searching were presumably the ones returned to the PJ on the 25th of June 2007. (see comment  GNR Part 2)
Kate has one photo the next morning and apparently so does Brigid O’Donnell, (see comment GNR Part  2) but since neither she or her partner Jeremy Wilkins took part in the search I expect she was given it sometime in the morning. So that is 7 photographs so far, plus one given to John Hill to photocopy. 

The very perceptive officer J.M.B. Roque (it’s worth reading his statements) must have joined his commander in the car around the time that Sgt. Duarte says he received the documents. 

Processos Volume II  - Pages 412 to 414
José Maria Batista Roque
 Date/Time: 2007/05/07 18H45
 The patrol of which he took part, and now as a witness, went immediately to the principal reception of the aforementioned establishment, where there was encountered the father of the missing child.  Following, this patrol went to the residence where the family of said minor was staying in the ‘Ocean Garden’ together with the father. (this corroborates SB’s statement)
Processos Volume XII - Pages 3281 - 3284
José María Batista Roque
 Date: 17 – 10 - 2007
When they were on their way to this place[..] he received another communication saying that her father had called again. They continued on their way, now with urgency, heading for the main reception of the resort.[..]  When they arrived, they saw the girl's father, a friend whom he cannot describe, an OC employee and a translator who was also an OC employee, named Silvia Batista. (note: they reacted to the 10.41 call - so GNR reacted immediately)
Meanwhile the post commander arrived at the scene and he joined him in a vehicle and travelled around the whole resort. At about 02.30 after having been replaced by two colleagues, he left the scene as the police had already arrived.(note: as Roque was with the commander it is all the more likely that he was the one to pass Sgt. Duarte the documents).

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