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We flew out from Gatwick airport having stayed the night with Matt and Rachael at their home which was near to the airport.  The others flew out later the same day from East Midlands Airport.[..]


We were taken out of the airport and out onto the buses waiting nearby, we sat in the middle of the coach on the right hand side.  I recall that Charlotte PENNINGTON who was a nanny at Mark Warner was also sat on the bus- I believe that she looked after Fiona and Dave’s kids.  It was reported in the press that she had seen Kate and Gerry at the airport but I don’t see how that would have been possible as I don’t believe they had arrived by then, I believe that their flight arrived an hour or so after ours did.


1578    “Yeah”.
Reply    “Erm, the first three paragraphs are fine.  I think, I suppose, the only comment is, when I’m talking about Charlotte PENNINGTON in the fifth paragraph, erm, I said that she, ‘I believe she looked after Dave and Fiona’s kids’, then, then there’s a separate, a sort of a separate sentence there.  Erm, and it might be worth clarifying that, at least in popular Press, she erm, she, there was a report that she said she saw Kate and Gerry at the Airport, but I think she’s, and I don’t think that would have been possible, because we had left the Airport on the coach with her, so I think she’s probably confusing that with, with one of us.  So that’s, that’s only a report from the popular Press rather than anything that she said”.

1578    “So how do you wish us to word that'”
Reply    “I suppose, erm, ‘I believe she looked after Fiona and Dave’s kids’, full stop, erm, ‘In the media at least she has reported seeing Kate and Gerry at FARO Airport on our arrival, but I don’t think, I think she’s mistaken because they had not arrived by then’”.  I mean, it, it is potentially, theoretically possible that she was nipping in and out of the bus, but I don’t think she would have, erm, they were, they were a good hour landing after us and we weren’t extensively delayed at the Airport, from my recollection, it seem, probably less like”.

1578    “So they arrived some time after you'”
Reply    “Yeah, I think they, they were, they were landing about a full hour after us, but I think by the time we’d got luggage out and we were on the coach, they were actually coming by taxi anyway, so I don’t think they would have been expecting to meet anyone from MARK WARNER, erm, because they’d made their own, because they’d changed the flight, they’d made their own independent means of getting from the airport to PRAIA DA LUZ


Charlotte Pennington:

The witness clarifies that between the 29th of April and the 04th of May 2007 she worked with a group of children staying in the aforementioned complex between the ages of 4 months and one year of age (the Baby Club)

Charlotte has the following childcare experience National certificate in child care and education level 3 . Worked as a live in and out nanny, as a summer season nanny for mark warner and as a nursery practicioner where i was situated mainly with the under 2's. (In Greece she may have used her stepfather’s name:  Wighton.



A closer look at Charlotte Pennington

Nigel Moore
31 January 2008

Pennington, who was employed as a nanny at the Mark Warner Ocean Club at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, would appear to be blessed with an uncanny knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Although, from Kate and Gerry McCanns' perspective, it could be said that the opposite is true. As if by magic,
appears with a 'sighting' at just the right time to support the McCanns' theories on what happened that fateful night of May 3rd.

The fact that she claims to have worked as a fairy since the age of 14 may go some way to explaining her remarkable abilities.

So, what did she see?

She says was there with Madeleine at the kid's club on 03 May 2007, the day of Maddie's disappearance. Thus providing herself as an 'independent' witness to the fact that Madeleine was still alive on 03 May 2007.

She was there, inside the McCanns' apartment, within five minutes of the alarm being raised, and claims to have witnessed both Kate McCanns' emotional state and the words spoken. Thus supporting the belief that this was the time of the abduction and that Kate could not have acted that amount of grief.

She was there to see Robert Murat hanging around the Ocean Club. Thus supporting the McCanns', particularly Kate's, desire to imply that Murat was involved in some way. It was reported, on 27 January 2008, that they believe he may have acted as a 'look-out' for a gang of paedophiles.

She was there to see Robert Murat speaking with a suspicious looking man, the following day at the local supermarket, who now appears to match the description and artist's impression produced for Gail Cooper's 'Creepyman'. Thus further connecting Murat with an 'abduction'.

And, finally, she was there to see a suspicious man kicking something in a boat, 2 days after Madeleine's disappearance. Thus supporting one of the McCanns' theories that the abductor escaped by water - probably to Morocco.

But do Charlotte
's crucial testimonies stand up to scrutiny? Unfortunately, like a great deal of this case, they are riddled with inconsistencies.

, who also works as a part-time actress - having briefly played the part of Libby Bailey in the New Zealand soap 'Shortland Street' - would be familiar with the need to arrive on cue.

But then, as we all know, sometimes actors get their lines wrong...

Time with Madeleine on 03 May 2007
The Daily Mail published details of an interview with Miss
on 25 September 2007, in which she dismissed claims that the McCanns were not seen for six hours leading up to Madeleine's disappearance.
She said: "I was helping give the children high tea. The twins were there and Madeleine and both parents.

"It was supposed to finish at 5.30pm but because they were a big group and really social, it didn't finish until about 6pm. There was nothing out of the ordinary at all."

However, speaking on the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary 'Searching For Madeleine', aired on 18 October 2007, she says:

"On May the third, it was just Madeleine I was reading a story to. I later saw them around lunchtime. That's the last time I saw them together as a family."

So, which is true? Did she last see Madeleine and the McCanns at 6.00pm or at lunchtime? And why the discrepancy?

The Daily Mail report of 14 October 2007, reporting on Madeleine's movements at the kid's club, only mentions nanny Catriona Baker being with her that day. The report states that Maddie was placed in a small group of children between the ages of 3 and 5 years with Miss Baker.

Pennington was employed as a nanny in the Ocean Club resort's Baby Club, looking after children aged four to 12 months. So, why would she have been looking after Madeleine, who was not a member of her Baby Club, and reading her a story that particular day?

Interesting topic to read. Extra cots and an extra bed were requested before the McCanns and Payne’s left  the UK.  It is entirely my opinion that it is likely that Charlotte Pennington was  looking after all the children in the Payne’s apartment.  As can be seen from the  arguido interviews,  an extra cot is mentioned and denied or accredited to the Paynes.

As can be seen in the rogatory excerpt above, ROB twice states that CP looked after the Payne’s two children.  It is quite possible therefore, that Charlotte Pennington didn't know the McCanns before the holiday.  However, at least one of the Payne children was too old for the Baby Club.  Taking the extra cot(s) and bed in consideration, ordered before the holiday, it is likely that this was arranged precisely to take care of all the children over the holiday and it would not be a large leap of the imagination to add the Nanny who looked after the Payne's children. The Payne's children: one was about 2yrs 9 months and the other 1 yr old.  Possibly the 1 yr old would have been in Charlotte's Baby group. If she did indeed work there during the day.
So why tell the staff and holiday makers that they were collectively leaving their children alone?  Why also, according to some of the staff, did they only leave the table  for checks on the 3rd of May?

Kate McCann DID scream 'They've taken her' claims new nanny witness Daily Mail By DAN NEWLING  Last updated at 16:41pm on 25th September 2007

 "There were no children in the room. The twins had been taken out already, I think by one of the McCanns' friends. unquote (This is quite impossible, the children were seen in their cots by the police who arrived well after Ms. Pennington. Therefore it follows that the children had not yet been put in the room. The police noted that there were no sheets for the children to lie on. The twins were later moved when G.McCann said they should go to their 'own' apartment.)

Here is Charlotte Pennington's  statement. Apparently chunks are missing. But useful to check against the above. So Charlotte Pennington - in my opinion - was interviewed by the Mirror. She would have been 19 or twenty in 2007.

Also read  Peter Hyatt's Statement Analysis  on the Mirror article:
"Madeleine McCann: Nanny's Statements"


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