Saturday, 3 December 2016

Some further recommended reading and links to sites

Highly recommended reading: A free ebook written by a retired police officer.
These sites - in fact anything Pamalam  - are replete with factual information and photographs. Pamalam rescued Gerry McCann's blogs from extinction and the sites  also list interesting timelines where telephone calls, the blog, the diary of Kate McCann and actual events are listed as combined  timelines which show up the inconsistencies.
Pamalam has recently also hosted These can now be found at this address:
'The truth is out there' Madeleine, by investigative journalist  Peter Scharrenberg has received  very favourable reviews, not least because of the clear presentation of the basic facts of the case, each in a separate chapter. For those who know little about the case, it is an excellent starter.  For the US:

This blog is excellent for in-depth analyses of the given facts.  A highly recommended read with plenty of references for further research.  For the US readers on here:  the E-fit Pizza question post is essential reading!  This site has been active since 2009 and now contains separate forums on different aspects of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

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  1. Hello Tigger

    Here's some more 'recommended reading' for you (see especially 'The Initial Response - p.13):

    "The first report to a UK agency in relation to the McCann case was made on 3 May 2007, in a call to the FCO duty officer in Portugal from the operator of the holiday resort where the family were staying. The duty officer informed the FCO in London on the same day, by which time a member of the McCann family had also made contact with the FCO"

    It goes to your comment (#6) here: