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With these headlines arranged  in chronological order it becomes clear how neatly these manipulate the thought processes of their readers. In my opinion the articles themselves are of little interest and I do not think that all  Mirror and Mail readers would read the whole article when the headlines are so instructive as to what opinion they should form on the case.

Of particular interest are the 'troll' headlines, one in close conjunction with a suicide wish which is also in close conjunction with the court case in Lisbon and the dastardly deeds of the Portuguese. I apologise for the length of the post and the spacing which was a nightmare due to embedded formatting in the headlines. Spelling mistakes are original press copy so I left them in.  This is followed with a timeline from September 2007 to August 2008 which links very neatly with the following headlines.

MCCANNS APPALLED BY NEWSGIRL'S SLUR 07-06-2007 MADELEINE McCann's parents were yesterday cruelly forced to deny being involved in her kidnap.
Kate and Gerry McCann to be cleared of any involvement in Maddy disappearance 02-07-2008  The 426-day police investigation into the four-year-old's case ended yesterday and detectives are thought to have found nothing linking the couple to her death or abduction.
Madeleine police claim 'blood found' in parents' hire car 07-09-2007 The mother of Madeleine McCann was today declared an "arguido" or formal suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of the missing four-year-old.
McCann witness tells of Kate's distress 21-09-2007 A new witness yesterday revealed what Kate McCann really shouted on the night her daughter vanished.
McCanns pray for help on hunt day 150   01-10-2007 Kate and Gerry McCann marked the 150th day since daughter Madeleine vanished praying for her safe return.
Kate McCann in tears during Madeleine TV appeal 24-10-2007 Kate McCann broke down in tears as she made a heartfelt appeal for help in finding her daughter in a television interview broadcast tonight.
Kate and Gerry McCann to be cleared of any involvement in Maddy disappearance 02-07-2008 The 426-day police investigation into the four-year-old's case ended yesterday and detectives are thought to have found nothing linking the couple to her death or abduction.
Kate and Gerry McCann to be cleared of any involvement in Maddy disappearance 02-07-2008 The 426-day police investigation into the four-year-old's case ended yesterday and detectives are thought to have found nothing linking the couple to her death or abduction.
Madeleine McCann's parents officially cleared as police shelve investigation 21-07-2008 Gerry and Kate McCann have spoken of their 'devastation and utter despair' at being named suspects in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance after Portuguese police shelved their investigation.
McCanns cleared: Kate and Gerry reveal despair over police hunt for Maddy but vow to continue search 22-07-2008 Angry Kate McCann poured scorn on Portuguese police yesterday as she and Gerry were cleared as suspects.
Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann angrily dismiss detectives' claims over Maddy 13-01-2010 Gerry McCann angrily dismissed Portuguese detectives' claims that his daughter Madeleine is dead as he arrived at court today.
Kate McCann made a suspect in Maddy disappearance after a nightmare 13-01-2010 The astonishing revelation came during the McCanns’ libel action against disgraced detective Goncalo Amaral.
Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard to aid search for missing girl after parents impassioned appeal 12-05-2011 Scotland Yard will "bring their expertise" to the search for missing Madeleine McCann, the Home Office said tonight.
Madeleine McCann’s parents speak of anguish over some press coverage of daughter's disappearance            24-11-2011 Madeleine McCann’s parents said yesterday they were “totally unprepared” for the media interest in their daughter’s disappearance.
Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard to aid search for missing girl after parents impassioned appeal 12-05-2011 Scotland Yard will "bring their expertise" to the search for missing Madeleine McCann, the Home Office said tonight.

Revealed: How shamed cop made a fortune spouting lies about Madeleine McCann's parents 12-02-2012 Gonçalo Amaral has been paid at least £320,000 for a book and DVD ­peddling his outrageous claims that Kate and Gerry McCann covered up the death of Madeleine
'Maddy's alive': Police reveal new evidence suggests missing Madeleine McCann may still be alive 25-04-2012 The sensational news came as police released an age progression image of what Maddy would look like today
Keep looking for Madeleine: McCanns encouraged by new developments in hunt for missing daughter 26-04-2012 A new age-progressed picture of Madeleine was released yesterday as police revealed they believe she may still be alive
Maddy case must be reopened: Cop who led the botched Portuguese hunt calls on authorities to act 28-04-2012 Goncarlo Amaral is being sued by the McCanns but even so sided with the couple after Portuguese authorities refused to reopen the case
Five restless years: My utter admiration for Madeleine McCann's parents  01-05-2012 For five years their lives have been a sleepless hell, haunted by nightmares of what might have happened to her that night and ever since
'Maddy could be alive': Madeleine McCann's parents reveal fresh hope on fifth anniversary of daughter's disappearance  02-05-2012  Kate and Gerry McCann said they were feeling "probably as positive" as they had been for a long time in finding Maddy alive
"I am absolutely certain it was her": Portuguese taxi driver claims police have ignored his possible sighting of missing Madeleine McCann  02-05-2012  McCann spokesman says it is "deeply shocking" that detectives have never interviewed Antonio Castela
'Our new hope for Maddy': Parents more positive than ever after 95 new leads found in case review 03-05-2012 Kate and Gerry McCann revealed they are more confident than ever the mystery will be solved thanks to a Scotland Yard review of her case
Why we still care about Madeleine McCann 05-05-2012  Those who sneer at the search for Madeleine McCann are denying that little girl’s humanity
Maddy 'sighting': 'Groggy-looking' girl identical to Madeleine McCann seen at campsite with German couple  08-05-2012  Little girl looked "out of it" at campsite just three days after Maddy vanished from Portugal holiday resort
"I don’t think it’ll be long before she reincarnates": TV medium Derek Acorah 'claims that Madeleine McCann is dead'  15-05-2012  Most Haunted medium 'claims that he was told missing girl had died by spirit messenger called Sam'
"Really positive": Maddy's mum Kate goes to Downing Street to back new missing children hotline

23-05-2012 Kate McCann, whose daughter disappeared in 2007 aged three, said the 116000 missing children phone number was a "lifeline"


Millionaire child abuser and girlfriend accused of trying to extort £2.5m from missing Madeleine McCann's parents are arrested in Portugal hideout

By GERARD COUZENS - 06/07/2013 17:23:39 Italian Danilo Chemello, 67, and his Portuguese girlfriend Aurora Pereira Vaz, 60, were arrested on the same charges in 2007 but were released.

Why SHOULD we help find Maddie, ask Portugal's police chiefs, as they ridicule Scotland Yard claims of new leads on missing girl By NICK FAGGE IN PRAIA DA LUZ r - 06/07/2013 12:01:24  Portugal's top lawyer has said British officers investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance will not be able to 'conduct any interviews or any other action'.

Scotland Yard detectives to return to holiday resort where Madeleine McCann vanished 'within days' to follow up new leads By STEVE NOLAN - 20/07/2013 12:15:17 Metropolitan Police officers could potentially interview suspects, search properties and even make arrests in the Algarve where Madeleine McCann, pictured, disappeared in 2007.

New Portuguese police team in Maddie hunt: Officers to quiz 30 'people of interest' including cab driver who may picked up toddler the night after she vanished   By GERARD COUZENS   25/08/2013 15:58:08

Police in Portugal are putting a new team together after the initial shambolic investigation to help Scotland Yard look for Madeleine McCann, who went missing in 2007.

Kate McCann came close to suicide after Portuguese former police chief unleashed a 'smear campaign' against her, reveals her psychologist   By GERARD COUZENS - 19/09/2013 19:12:17 Alan Pike, Kate McCann's psychologist, told a civil court in Lisbon she confessed 'dark thoughts' to him after Goncalo Amaral's book was published.

'Anti-McCann' websites plotted to kidnap one of Madeleine's siblings 'to find out what they knew about her disappearance', court hears By GERARD COUZENS r - 27/09/2013 11:53:30 Internet trolls fuelled by an ex police chief's claims about the McCanns incited conspiracy-theorists to plot to kidnap the couple's twins Sean and Amelie, a court heard today.

Madeleine's parents pain at losing her was 'multiplied 100 times' by police chief's book, court hears as her father expresses disappointment he couldn't give evidence By DAILY MAIL REPORTER -- - 04/10/2013 08:00:41 Gerry McCann is seeking to testify in the family's libel case against Goncaro Amaral, who published a book about the three-year-old's disappearance.

'The pieces of the jigsaw are now fitting together': Missing Maddie's parents 'greatly encouraged' by new mobile phone evidence as probe spreads to Holland and Germany By SANCHEZ MANNING -- - 05/10/2013 23:29:49 Kate McCann (left) is hopeful that new evidence uncovered by Scotland Yard could shed light on the whereabouts of her child Madeleine (right).

Police investigating theory that Madeleine McCann was taken by paedophile ring 05-10-2013 Portugese detectives are now working on the theory that British paedophiles active in the resorts of the Algarve were responsible

Was Maddie abducted by burglars she disturbed at holiday flat? Scotland Yard probes new theory as McCanns prepare to make 'significant' TV appeal By STEPHEN WRIGHT -- - 05/10/2013 10:22:16 Detectives think her disappearance could be linked to a series of break-ins at the Portuguese resort from which she vanished, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Parents of Madeleine McCann say pieces of the jigsaw are now fitting together   06-10-2013 Kate and Gerry will appear in a Crimewatch special this month in the light of “fresh, substantive” material found by UK detectives

Scotland Yard 'to release image of a suspect in the search for Madeleine McCann' By HUGO GYE -- - 09/10/2013 13:57:41  Officials apparently hope the photograph will enable them to track the man down, more than six years after Madeleine went missing in Portugal.

Kate McCann tells libel hearing she wants to defend herself in court against ‘smears’ made against her by Portuguese police   By GERARD COUZENS -- - 09/10/2013 15:07:06  Kate and Gerry McCann are suing ex-Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral who suggested in a book that they covered up their daughter's death.

Madeleine McCann trial: Mum Kate wants to defend herself in libel case against ex-cop's smears 09-10-2013 The McCann family is suing Goncalo Amaral over claims he made in his book about the case - including alleging they had hidden Madeleine's body

Madeleine McCann: New E-fit of suspect 'set to be released by police'  09-10-2013  Police are refusing to confirm the development, reported by Sky News,  but the image may be included in Monday's Crimewatch appeal

Madeleine McCann The shots cops pray will nail Maddy's abductor: Crimewatch to air reconstruction of tennis match with parents  13-10-2013  The match, where Madeleine acted as ball girl, is one poignant scene recreated by actors for ­Monday night's programme

Madeleine McCann files: Timeline of evidence of Maddie's disappearance  14-10-2013  At 7.30pm on May 3, 2007, little Madeleine has breakfast with her family. By 10pm that night she had been taken - here's the evidence so far

Is this the man who took Maddie? Scotland Yard releases two e-fits of 'smirking' suspect and promises 'revelation' on tonight's Crimewatch By MARTIN ROBINSON,REBECCA CAMBER -- - 14/10/2013 19:18:03 Detectives say the man may speak German, is white, aged 20 to 40, has short brown hair, is medium height and build, and is clean-shaven.

A nightmare reconstructed: New video of Madeleine's last hours with her parents is released as McCanns launch Crimewatch appeal to find their missing daughter six years after she disappeared   By WILLS ROBINSON -- - 14/10/2013 11:04:45  Pictures of men seen in and around the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz on the night of Maddie's disappearance will also be shown during tomorrow night's special episode on BBC Crimewatch.

So could this TV reconstruction end the distasteful slurs about Kate and Gerry? By SUE REID -- - 14/10/2013 10:04:32 New revelations in tonight's episode of BBC Crimewatch have the potential to discredit different claims of what happened the night Madeleine disappeared

Maddie detectives hunting two 'German-speaking men': E-fit of suspects revealed this week as McCanns pray Crimewatch reconstruction results in a breakthrough By ABUL TAHER ,NICK CRAVEN -- - 14/10/2013 08:39:50  The images, based on eyewitness accounts of 'two German-speaking men', will be broadcast on Crimewatch at 9pm on Monday night. Scotland Yard says the un-identified men were seen in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz at the time when Madeleine, then aged three, went missing on May 3, 2007.

Just minutes from saving Maddie: 10pm sighting suggests mother almost caught kidnapper in the act  By REBECCA CAMBER,NEIL SEARS,MARTIN ROBINSON -- - 15/10/2013 08:50:56  Detectives believe a suspect seen carrying a child 500 yards from the McCanns’ holiday apartment was the kidnapper who had struck just moments before the mother went to check on her children.

Madeleine McCann Crimewatch appeal: Was kidnapper still in Maddie's room when mum Kate McCann checked on her?  15-10-2013 The mother revealed she heard a door "slam shut" shortly before she found her daughter was missing, and saw curtains moving at an open window

Crimewatch callers 'name' Maddie suspect: McCanns delighted by overwhelming response to TV reconstruction By REBECCA CAMBER,NEIL SEARS -- - 16/10/2013 01:55:55  Police are chasing new leads in the Madeleine McCann case after being swamped by almost 1,000 tip-offs from the public.

Who did the key witness see? Police say it is possible that family saw Maddie being taken by her abductor By REBECCA CAMBER -- - 16/10/2013 11:13:40  The sighting came when Martin Smith, a retired businessman in his 70s, was walking back to his apartment in the Algarve resort following a meal and drinks at a bar with his wife and children.

Twitter trolls attack the McCanns with sick messages and taunts in run-up to Crimewatch appeal  By STEPHEN WRIGHT -- - 16/10/2013 08:08:13    Kate and Gerry McCann were subjected to appalling taunts. One troll tweeted a picture of the McCanns as Moors murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.

Detectives probing Madeleine McCann disappearance receive another 150 calls after fresh appeal on Dutch TV to identify 'fair-haired men' seen near apartment  By ROB COOPER -- - 16/10/2013 20:33:21  The new calls, after a broadcast on Opsporing Verzocht, will raise hopes that police can make a breakthrough in the hunt for the missing girl.

Madeleine McCann: Over 2400 calls and emails to police after TV appeals in UK and Europe  17-10-2013  Detectives are trying to identify a number of fair-haired men, possibly Dutch or German nationals, who were seen near the McCann apartment

Inside the squalid camp where blonde girl, four, was found after being 'abducted by gypsies'... the discovery brings fresh hope for Maddy McCann's parents  By SIMON MURPHY -- - 19/10/2013 23:45:24 The child was found on Wednesday near Farsala in central Greece during a nationwide crackdown on illegal activities by Roma.

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese police investigation into girl's disappearance IS to reopen 24-10-2013 It is believed that Portuguese police are now convinced the McCanns were not involved in their daughter’s disappearance

Portuguese police to restart Madeleine McCann investigation – five years after they dropped the case 24-10-2013  It is believed that Portuguese police are now convinced the McCanns were not involved in their daughter’s disappearance

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese police investigation into girl's disappearance IS to reopen  24-10-2013

It is believed that Portuguese police are now convinced the McCanns were not involved in their daughter’s disappearance

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese cops hunt paedophile gang as they reopen search 25-10-2013  Officers in Porto have finally reopened their probe into the youngster's abduction and believe foreign perverts kidnapped her

Fresh hope for Madeleine's parents as Portuguese police reopen investigation into her disappearance five years after she vanished  By ROB COOPER -- - 25/10/2013 02:04:16  Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann said today they are 'very pleased' and hope that the new search will uncover 'the answers we so desperately need'.

Portuguese police search for paedophile gang who 'may have snatched Madeleine '.McCann' as her case is reopened  By ANNA EDWARDS -- - 25/10/2013 11:55:20  Portuguese police are searching for a gang of five paedophiles they believe may have snatched missing youngster of Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007.

Madeleine McCann parents' fight for justice fuelled by dream they will see daughter alive again 25-10-2013  Kate and Gerry McCann's lawyer Rogerio Alves also revealed that Portuguese police have finally admitted that they no longer regard the couple as suspects

Madeleine McCann's parents told they are no longer suspects by Portuguese police  26-10-2013 The couple were told in a police briefing last week in Lisbon where they were also updated on new leads

From 'arguido' to 'assistente': McCanns apply for prosecutor status which will let them see all Portuguese case files if any suspects face trial By GERARD COUZENS,DAILY MAIL REPORTER -- - 26/10/2013 01:21:01

Portuguese police have finally admitted that Kate and Gerry McCann are no longer suspects more than five years after the original investigation, according to the couple's Portuguese lawyer.

Why were Maddie suspect E-fits kept SECRET for five years? Images and evidence of sighting uncovered by private detectives were suppressed By NEIL SEARS -- - 28/10/2013 08:48:31 The E-fits of a ‘new’ suspect for Madeleine McCann’s disappearance were drawn up five years ago – and suppressed.

Madeleine McCann 'kidnapper' was 'hotel worker who snatched her after being sacked then DIED in tractor accident'  30-10-2013  Portuguese police are believed to have identified the 40-year-old former Ocean Club employee following tests on his mobile phone, local media reported

Main suspect in Madeleine McCann case DIED four years ago and was sacked holiday complex worker who may have been out for revenge, says Portuguese media  By MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE -- - 31/10/2013 07:55:10  The 40-year-old was a former employee at the Ocean Club Holiday complex that the McCanns stayed at in Praia da Luz who died in a tractor accident in 2009.

Embarrassment for BBC after porn star was cast as member of Tapas Seven in Crimewatch reconstruction of Madeleine McCann disappearance  By AMANDA WILLIAMS -- - 01/11/2013 14:57:20  Adult actor Mark Sloan was cast as Matthew Oldfield, one of the 'Tapas Seven', who were eating at a restaurant with Gerry and Kate McCann the night Maddie disappeared.

Madeleine McCann suspect who died in freak tractor accident ‘was a heroin addict who used to rob holiday apartments’  By MIA DE GRAAF -- - 04/11/2013 12:21:55 Euclides Monteiro, an immigrant from Cape Verde off the coast of Africa, may have kidnapped Madeleine in revenge for being sacked from the resort, police believe.

Madeleine McCann: Bungling police had 'prime suspect' details for SIX YEARS without realising 28-12-2013 The innocent dad came forward in 2007 but mistakenly remained the main focus of the hunt until this year when Scotland Yard detectives tracked him down


Police identify three prime suspects for abduction of Madeleine McCann following analysis of mobile phone data By STEPHEN WRIGHT -- - 03/01/2014 23:45:12 EXCLUSIVE: Three prime suspects have been identified after analysis of a mobile phone revealed a burglary gang could have been operating near to where Madeleine McCann vanished in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
Kate and Gerry McCann blocked from trial of ex-detective who accused them of covering up death  04-01-2014  The couple wanted to take the stand to explain how false claims in Goncalo Amaral’s book about Mad­­­eleine’s disappearance had left them devastated
Pictured: Kate and Gerry McCann looking relaxed and happy watching Everton in the FA Cup 04-01-2014The couple were spotted enjoying themselves at Goodison Park in Liverpool - and even shook hands with Harry Redknapp
Madeleine McCann: Three burglars are prime suspects in hunt for missing girl as police trawl phone records 05-01-2014   Scotland Yard believes Maddie was snatched by a panicked gang who ­accidentally woke her in the family’s apartment and took her with them
Madeleine McCann cops to make first arrests: Three burglars who 'made many phone calls' after her disappearance wanted  12-01-2014   The Crown Prosecution Service has sent an International Letter of Request to ­Portuguese police seeking permission to arrest the trio.
Madeleine McCann: Lawyer says 'Kate and Gerry McCann guilty of neglect for leaving her - and they weren't charged'  14-01-2014   Gareth Morgan made the shocking claim while acting for a drink-driving mum who left her five-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome, home alone at night
Scotland Yard: Let us quiz three Portuguese 'burglars' in case of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann By STEPHEN WRIGHT,WILLIAM TURVILL -- - 14/01/2014 09:26:42  Operation Grange officers were preparing to travel to Portugal as they pursue three burglars who were operating in the area when the three-year-old (pictured) went missing.
How a five-year-old German murder mystery was solved thanks to a TV appeal for the Madeleine McCann case By TED THORNHILL -- - 15/01/2014 15:47:17  Kate and Gerry McCann made an appeal on German TV and a record seven million people tuned in, with one of them able to help solve a case featured beforehand.
Scotland Yard detectives investigating Madeleine McCann case move a step closer to making arrests with official bid to interview three suspects  By GERARD COUZENS -- - 23/01/2014 17:43:10 Portugal's Attorney General's office confirmed it had received a formal request for help from UK prosecutors to access to three 'prime suspects'.
"A significant development": First arrests in Madeleine McCann case move nearer   24-01-2014 A source close to missing Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry McCann said: "It is an important and significant development."
Are Maddie police about to make three arrests? Officers travel to Portugal for talks with counterparts over leads involving burglars  By NICK FAGGE -- - 29/01/2014 08:50:23  EXCLUSIVE: Scotland Yard officers (pictured) held a three-hour meeting in the city of Faro with Portuguese counterparts, who they want to investigate burglars whose phones show they were near the McCanns' apartment.

Madeleine McCann’s parents 'on tenterhooks' as Scotland Yard detectives fly to Portugal to arrest three suspects  28-01-2014  Anxious Kate and Gerry were being kept “fully informed” of events after learning of the dramatic breakthrough
Are Maddie police about to make three arrests? Officers travel to Portugal for talks with counterparts over leads involving burglars  By NICK FAGGE -- - 29/01/2014 08:50:23 EXCLUSIVE: Scotland Yard officers (pictured) held a three-hour meeting in the city of Faro with Portuguese counterparts, who they want to investigate burglars whose phones show they were near the McCanns' apartment.
Madeleine McCann cops want to raid homes of three prime suspects who were working at holiday complex 31-01-2014  British officers believe the men would have known the layout of the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz and been aware of the best escape routes for anyone taking a child
Maddie trio 'worked at the holiday village where she vanished': Revelations emerge days after meeting between Scotland Yard and Portuguese officers  By STEVEN WRIGHT -- - 31/01/2014 13:24:28  The three prime suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann had worked at the resort where she vanished, it was claimed yesterday.
Madeleine McCann madness continues - and leaves her parents with nothing once more  01-02-2014 Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone questions why small-time burglars are suspected by Scotland Yard of snatching the little girl
Madeleine McCann detectives 'probe Portuguese gypsy site 15-minutes away from holiday home where three year-old was snatched in 2007'  By DAILY MAIL REPORTER -- - 03/02/2014 17:17:42  Detectives from Scotland Yard are understood to be investigating Meia Praia, a site seven miles from where the McCann's stayed in Praia da Luz.
Madeleine McCann: Cops probing claims a kidnapper tried to snatch another British tot from holiday flat in Portugal  06-02-2014  A mum has told Scotland Yard how she chased an intruder away from her Algarve apartment after she found him heading towards her child’s cot.
British police CAN still solve Madeleine McCann mystery despite the problems of working with foreign forces  08-02-2014  The former Met Commissioner has investigated high-profile deaths overseas and is aware of the hurdles Scotland Yard detectives face in Portugal
Mum claims Madeleine McCann kidnappers may have tried to snatch her child in Algarve weeks beforehand  09-02-2014  Detectives are to interview the mother whose drink was spiked by gypsy gang who showed an unnatural interest in her fair-haired daughter
Madeleine McCann cops admit 'tempo of investigation is moving forward' after requesting more help from Portuguese police  13-02-2014  Scotland Yard revealed today it had sent a third international letter of request to the authorities in Portugal
Madeleine McCann cops say they've made good progress and the search is moving forwards 14-02-2014  Scotland Yard working closely with Portuguese police and have just sent third letter to appeal for more help
Madeleine McCann case is 'moving forward' top officer says amid reports of police closing in on three prime suspects By SOPHIE JANE EVANS -- - 14/02/2014 15:06:01  Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt claims the 'tempo' of the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance is 'moving forward'.
Madeleine McCann cops quiz prime suspect's widow - four years after his death 17-02-2014  Luisa Rodrigues was grilled by Portuguese officers as mobile phone records pinpointed Euclides Lopes Monteiro at the scene on the night she was snatched
Widow of drug addict linked to Maddie 'prime suspects' says she has been quizzed in new Yard probe 17/02/2014 12:50:32 Heroin addict Euclides Monteiro - who died in a freak tractor accident - is suspected of snatching Madeleine from the Praia da Luz resort she vanished from.
Britain's most senior police officer confirms the Met has the names of three suspects in Madeleine McCann case and is 'closing in'  By STEVEN WRIGHT -- - 20/02/2014 22:45:15  Britain's most senior police officer Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has suggested his officers are closing in on the people who abducted Madeleine McCann.
Madeleine police shown secret Portuguese dossier on spate of burglaries in the area where she went missing  By SAM WEBB -- - 23/02/2014 14:15:12  They kept the secret file because of a rash of burglaries in and near Praia da Luz, the resort where Madeleine went missing in May 2007.
Madeleine McCann investigation: Hope of breakthrough as 'cops handed secret dossier'  24-02-2014 A file contains details of burglars operating near the Portuguese resort where Madeleine vanished has reportedly ..


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