Monday, 17 October 2016

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish....

From the very first moment it was political - that remains the most important aspect of this case. 

  1. Press and political pressure ensured that the Portuguese police was unable to proceed with normal enquiries, such as requesting background information on the parents and health records of the missing child. 
  2. The McCanns suggested FBI (iirc, FBI psychics) to help in the search. The PJ chose dogs, British dogs. The results of those searches led to the McCanns being given arguido status. 
  3. It took eleven months before that status was lifted, after political pressure on the Portuguese government. During this time they had help from top lawyers and certainly the Home Office. The Foreign Office helped a bit too by denying Murat the consular help he was entitled to.
  4. Unfortunately this did not result in a 'get out of jail free' card. Portugal is a democracy. They were obliged to publish the greater part of the files. Cause.
  5. The only thing that could be done was to spin the information. Enter 2000 sightings all allegedly ignored by the PJ. A rich haul for the press, one to fall back on as and when necessary. Effect.
  6. Forums and blogs were making the most of the files, politics were fairly useless here, so soft targets were selected by tough lawyers to show  the heretics what could happen to them if they persisted in discussing the possibility of guilt on the parents' part. Effect.
  7. A book - and in the event, two books - one written by two almost Pullitzer prize winners - to convince the world of the one and only truth. Spin - didn't work..
  8. As the PJ files and the events described in both books gave rise to ever more discussion on the internet it became apparent that something had to be done. However docile the press was, the social media did not fall into line. The solution was simple :
  9. Political, forcing a review by Scotland Yard would clear their names forever. The PJ files would be proven to be inferior to any SY review, at least they would be seen to be inferior. Effect. 
  10. The next step was to win the case against Dr. Amaral. Independent of politics, although it may not have looked like it. Portugal is still a democracy. 
  11. The next disaster was that the PJ dusted the case off and started again. Cause.
  12. Spin. The McCanns let it be known that they would be helping the PJ as 'assistentes'.
  13. Some time later Scotland Yard too, takes an active role although it is not at all clear whether the cooperation between the two forces is as close as the press says it is. Effect.
  14. Dr. Amaral and his associates have won the case in the Lisbon Court. Cause.
  15. Politics can't help here. Back to straight begging although the accounts of the limited company are particularly unhelpful in determining if  any financial help is needed. Effect.


I will watch developments with interest, however - this is my last post on the case.  I will post comments as and when they appear. 


  1. Yes, it is ALL political now.
    Thank you for your informative posts.

  2. Sir -- I have been pouring over your findings with great interest. Have you been watching the developments in the "Pizzagate" scandal in the United States? I've noticed no mention of Podesta through the search feature but I figured it could be worth looking into given your stellar work thus far.

  3. Thank you for your compliments! Much appreciated. I'm certainly following present-day politics with great interest but I feel there is plenty of excellent research available on US politics - far better than I could hope to assemble. It's just a matter of finding it and collating the evidence. Here is an excellent assessment of the recent election results.
    En: Harvard Business Review:

  4. "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.... "

    Fish as in The Miraculous Draught?

  5. Errm, no, fish as in The Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, when the dolphins left just before the planet was demolished to make way for a galactic super highway,,,

  6. Thanks, Tigger, how interesting...

    I remember your DNA question to Not Textusa and his answer too.

    I'll be looking forward to reading you again if you return, miraculously.

    Peace and respect

  7. has a recent post on DNA. Unfortunately nottex doesn't post anymore, my favourite one is the one on the flower doodle on the Tapas booking sheet.

    I'll throw bits and pieces on the Kevin blog as and when I find them. Meanwhile a timeline of the Ben Needham case (which would not have been re-examined without 'the situation OG find themselves in' imo) might help. I don't know, just guessing.

    Yrs T

  8. “ has a recent post on DNA.”

    Very interesting. Several observations are knew to me. I did not plan to visit that blog any time soon but have just done so thanks to your post and found something of immediate relevance to what I am pondering over at the moment.

    “Unfortunately nottex doesn't post anymore”

    I can’t work out how his blog works. It seems that he posts when he feels like it, and good luck to him. I’m partial to his sarcasm, which I miss, and his logic.

    “Kevin blog”?

    “Meanwhile a timeline of the Ben Needham case (which would not have been re-examined without 'the situation OG find themselves in' imo) might help. I don't know, just guessing.”

    Don’t know enough about the case to comment but enough to agree with your OG remark on the basis of what little I know.